Vallabha Village Mission

What is our mission?

Total Pushtimargiya Vaishnava’s satisfaction is our main objective. We have a team who have been Vaishnava for over 20 years and ardent followers of Pushti Marga. The team has been dedicated to bring complete satisfaction to vaishnavs. We are dedicated to work tirelessly to bring you the cutting edge articles possibly making them an easy reading. Team understands that everyone is not technically English minded, hence all the articles on Vallabha Village has been translated in Gujarati as well; this way English speaking Vaishnavas can enjoy Vallabha Village as well as Gujarati speaking Vaishnavas. Our aim is to make Vallabha Village the best site for Pushti Marga and eventually our aim is to dedicate the site for those budding Vaishnavas who wants to study Pushti Marga in depths, eventually this site will become a Swadhiyay (study) site.

A fair and honest outlook

Our approach to Pushti Marga is based on trusted articles and Pushti Sahitya (literature), tested, opinionated articles from prominent Pushti writers including contributions from Shree Vallabhakul.

One Stop Reading

Eventually Vallabha Village will become one stop Pushti Site and have all the articles you need on Pushtimarga in one place. Whatever your Pushti requirement, from initiation Mantra (Brahmasambandh) to Seva (service to Krishna) including Lila-ras, Vallabha Village will have it. We will have Sodas Grantha, 84 Vaishnavs and 252 Vaishnavs stories including many writers who have immensely contributed towards enhancement of Pushtimarga.

Experience and Stability

From the beginning, Vallabha Village exclusively will focus on young vaishnavs who are tomorrow’s upcoming Pushti ardent vaishnavs. Of course, we will also support articles for advance vaishnavs.


Vallabha Village has chosen 1&1 web host as it has one of the largest connectivity rates on the web at 275 Gbi/s! With an independent global backbone and 9 leading carriers – that is why we chose 1&1 to power our website so it can be used all over the world.