What is Pushti Marga? 

Pushti Marga is based on Hindu Philosophy of 'pure non-dualism' based on the Vedantic texts. Its philosophical school is called Shuddha Advaita Vedanta. The pure form of non-dualism promoted by Shree Vallabhacharya insist on the reality of everything, including the world and our emotions, all permutation of love and all-inclusive sense of love embraces all lovers of Lord Krishna - no matter what their background may be.

Pushti Marga philosophy of qualifier Shuddha (pure) consciously distinguishes this school from Advaita Vedanta. Advaita Vedanta promoted by the great ascetic philosopher, Shankaracharya, who argued that reality is non-dual, but rejected that the world we are experiencing with our indris (senses), ultimately is an illusion. Concurrently, emotional experience too was to be abandoned as spiritually suspect. Pushti Marga however, involves a philosophical position in which matter matters and senses make sense.

So what is Pushti Marga to a Vaishnava? To him it is surrender, attraction, attachment, love, addiction, unalloyed devotion, renunciation and personal but one to one relationship to the Divine Krishna through Suddha Advaita and its jewel-like principle of Pushti Marga. The principles of Pushti Marga is the essence of Shreemad Bhagvatam, teachings of Bhagvad Gita, all absorbed in Shree Vallabhacharya's sixteen grantha (scriptures, books) for satisfaction for the cravings of the Vaishnava , devotee!