What is Bhagvad Swaroop?

In Shastra Brahma swaroop is depicted as Sachidananda entity. Sachidananda comprises of three ingredients, namely satta, chitta and ananda (satta + chitta + ananda = Sachidananda). It is said that when Lord wanted to create universe he utilised satta element. Satta became part of every creation in universe, hence Lord is said to be Jagat (universe), that is, he is the universe and he is in every element of universe. Satta comprises of prapancha element which induces the creation of Pancha Maha Bhuto. This is why Jagat is said to be a prapancha.

The Pancha Maha Bhutos are:

  • Pruthvi (earth)
  • Jala (water) 
  • Teja (light) 
  • Vayu (air)
  • Akasha (sky).

The earthlings are product of these five Maha Bhuto, hence they are said to be inferior to creator Himself. The process of creation is two-fold, known as upadanakarana and nimitakarana.

  • Upadanakarana: Creation of an entity which comprises an element of its origin with its creator is known as upadanakarana. For instance earthen pot is made from earth, water and fire but its origin of earth element is still there. So maintain an element which remains unchanged during the process of birth is process of upadanakarana.
  • Nimitakarana: Anything that is not created by the process of upadanakarana but their creation is to help or enhance the creation of upadanakarana, that creation is known as nimitakarana. To understand this let’s look at the example of pot. We said that pot is upadanakarana creation, but to create pot we need wooden or metal wheel, hands to shape the pot, furnace to fire the clay pot. These utensils which help to create the clay (earthen) pot are known as nimitakarana.

The Master of creator of upadanakarana and nimitakarana is known as Brahma and when he creates any form of His, which has Sachidananda elements are known as Bhagvad Swaroop. Shree Yamunaji is such swaroop. So any swaroop or form created as Bhagvad swaroop they are normally known as pragatiya swaroop. This way these swaroop are said to be formed (pragatiya) and not created (birth (born)).