Welcome to Vallabha village. This site is for anyone who is interested in Shree Vallabhachariyaji's teachings.

Despite Pushtimarga having launched a good numbers of years (535 years) ago we're amazed by how many Pushti followers still don’t really understand it, or follow it to its fullest . Sure, Pushtimargiya Acharyashrees are still there to guide us and this site is also being in its infancy, and we will no doubt be adding more compelling features to this site throughout 2012. But now is the time for you to get Pushti-knowledge configured correctly, and that starts with ensuring you have registered to the site, that’s signed up to Swadhiyay (self-study) services provided by “Vallabha Village”. 



With this in mind, we have commissioned great features in this website, which will be added from time to time and see Vallabha Village grow in front of you, and we will make sure you have all the tools (informations) you need at your disposal to get up and running with Pushtimarga seva (service to Krishna).  

How do I register? If you haven’t enrolled for Vallabha Village Swadhiyay yet then head on over to “Enrol Now” page and enjoy the experience of Swadhiyay, the teachings of Shree Vallabhacharyaji (Shree Mahaprabhuji). It is going to be another great year for Pushtimarga and we at Vallabha Village are excited and looking forward to indulge in providing Swadhiyay site.

Jai Shree Krishna.