Yamunaji came to earth for Him

Shree Yamunaji is a Bhagvad swaroop. In Shastra it is being observed that only Bhagvad swaroop appears on earth, they do not take birth like all living beings, this process is known as incarnation (prakatiya).

In anadee kala (beginning of pre-era) God (Thakorji) existed all alone, in fact He was the only celestial being. He decided that He no longer prefer to stay in a lonely but dilatory atmosphere, so from His atma-ram (self-deduced swaroop) induced atma-kama (self-entreat for celestial desire). The self-entreat process was possible because He had mastered the entity of “virudhabhasha-dharma”. Virudhabhasha dharma is an element that has an ability to create nature or activities which is entirely opposite to its origin. He also used this element of virudha–dharma (principle of opposite entity from its origin) to perform many Leelas (celestial games) to proclaim virudhabhasha anand (happiness, pleasure). God uttered that immortal word, ‘Ekohihum Bahushyam!’, although I am in all beings but I do remain that single entity of origin. God created many from Him.

First of all He created a small playground known as Suriyamai Golok-dhama (heaven with a celestial sun) for all His ramana (games). Next, from His heart, He created a swaroop known as Alhadini. Alhadini means His counterpart female form. Alhadini was bestowed with Shakti (power and strength) hence She is also known as Shakti-swaroop. She became His Leela-Vihara-Sahabhagini, partner and the witness to all Leelas and shared all the pleasure within Leelas. All Mighty in Pushtimarga is also known as Swami (king-husband) and His partner Alhadini is known as Swaminiji (queen-wife). Her incarnation is to encourage and anchor pleasure and effluxes aradhna, which is to create all variance of love and its permutation in Her Swami. Due to her personality and pleasant form she became His “Radha,” a name describing Her form and character.

Shree Radha, enjoyed ramana with Swami and soon realised that the vast expanse of anand that effluxes from Thakorji needed more players to infuse ramana and to enhance the pleasure in eternal folds. She requested more players and playground for Anand ras Leelas.

Thakorji (God) went into delightful ecstasies when Shree Radha declared Her desire. His ecstasies inspired love nectar from his left heart and flowed into intense but assured expanse of passion. The love-nectar compressed into a passion-mountain on expanse of land. This was Mount Shree Girirajji. Twelve “vana” (forest), twenty-four “upavana” (jungle, sub forest) surrounded Shree Girirajji. Six seasons also complemented the natural surroundings which vowed to serve the celestial couple (Radha-Krishna) day and night in their moods of games.
Next, Shree Thakorji created another Alhadini female counterpart from His left heart. This Alhadini female form is embellished with countless virtues full of Thakorji’s grace. She is none other than Shree Yamunaji, depicted as Krupa swaroop (swaroop that bestows grace). Shree Yamunaji is full of happiness with all the ailment of Krishna, hence, the swaroop is nicknamed as Krushna. She infuses love, her graceful eyes harbours that intensive but concentrated love that eludes Thakorji’s celestial desire. She is an important Pushti swaroop well described by Shree Mahaprabhuji I Yamunastakama.